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Normally, in this day and age when you find yourself sitting at your desk you are either working, paying bills, or sending off a letter to someone about how dissatisfied you were with either their product, or their services while getting their product. I am very excited to say that this is neither. This is my story about 2 people that I admire, respect, and now am able to call “friends”.

In 2008 I purchased a 10 year old purebred Arabian gelding. At that time he needed “a lot” of work. I had been looking for someone to take him into training and I was having a hard time finding that certain someone that would do it the way the horse needed it done. In the summer of 2010, my family and I were at a 3 day horse show with some friends of ours. It was at that time that we happened to be stalled across from P&H Horse and Cattle Company. We had the chance to meet Pam and Hoyt Rose and I got the opportunity to pick Hoyt’s brain about his thoughts regarding my horse. I liked what I heard, and after watching “Team P&H” at the show, I knew I had found the people I was willing to send my horse too. Keep in mind, my horse was not just your average horse that needed to be broke out. Like I mentioned in the beginning he had a lot of issues that needed to be dealt with.

It was late in 2010 that Hoyt started the training on my gelding. By May of 2011 we were heading to our first Class A horse show. Team P&H rode my horse into a top 5 spot in the Winners circle. This was something that I had been told would “never” be done.  I couldn’t have wished for more.

Since then, my family has had several different horses in training with P & H. All of which have come out to be better horses. From training, to showing, with lessons in between, we have had the wonderful opportunity to learn and grow from two of the most respected trainers in the Midwest.

Team P&H has a motto which is, “Nice Matters”. They stand by it, live by it, and teach it not only their children, but to everyone they come in contact with. That motto really is the best way to describe them. Their dedication to the Arabian breed and their combined countless hours of training horses is second to none. I am proud to say that Pam and Hoyt Rose are not just wonderful trainers but also great mentors to the next generation of riders to come.

Thank you for showing my family that “Nice” really does matter.

The Domino Family